Kegonsa Capital Partners

Kegonsa Capital Partners Leadership

Key to the success of Kegonsa Capital Partners and its funds is the experience of its managing director, Ken Johnson.

Prior to forming KCP, Johnson was an entrepreneur, angel investor, and start-up company manager. Johnson founded five companies, participated in the management of six companies, was CEO of three, and sat on the Board of Directors of seven start-ups.

As an angel investor, Johnson made investments in 12 companies from 1997 to 2004, making multiple investments in five of the companies. Of the 12 companies he invested in, three have failed, eight have had successful exits for investors, and one is operating.

Three of Johnson's portfolio companies were based in Europe and nine in the United States—six in Wisconsin and one each in Boston, Florida, and Minnesota.

Johnson's realized annual rate of return since 1997 on his angel investments has exceeded 50 percent annually, returning over ten dollars for every one dollar invested.